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Giulio Paolini. Dall’Italia / 2nd March – 20th April 2024

Alfonso Artiaco
2nd March - 20th April 2024

For his sixth solo exhibition at Alfonso Artiaco (the previous ones were in 2005, 2009, 2014, 2018 and 2021), Giulio Paolini proposes eight works, six of which were created for the occasion, together with several collages. Landscapes and views find hospitality in the gallery spaces: realistic and metaphysical dimensions, natural and imaginary, happily coexist in the exhibition. It is no coincidence that this exhibition is being held in Naples, the city where historical-artistic and natural beauty live in happy harmony.


Paolini says of the exhibition: “For some time now I have had a preference for themes and exhibition venues in Italy. The progressive widening of cultural borders, which is certainly useful for the mutual knowledge of different experiences, is however a limitation for the authentic correspondence of a work with its own history. Here, then, are echoes and memories of authors, distant relatives of this new (or old) season of mine. A petit- tour in six rooms: a less vast but more precious world”.


The exhibition is a promenade from landscape detail to universal cosmology, a conceptual stroll through timeless views.